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Use of the Choose Electric Webtool (the Webtool) is subject to you accepting the disclaimer below. This disclaimer is in addition to the general disclaimer provided by the Everyday Climate Choices website and the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD).

The webtool gives information to ACT households who wish to switch fossil fuel gas appliances with electric alternatives. The webtool has basic information such as projected end-of-life of appliances, estimated emissions savings, estimated annual energy bill savings, and alternative product recommendations. The webtool will also recommend relevant ACT Government programs, rebates, and support services.

The webtool gives indicative information only. It is not meant to replace professional advice on appliances, electrical installation, or energy usage. It is important to consider your personal circumstance when making any major financial purchase or change to your household. It is recommended to consult with a certified supplier and electrician before making any final decisions.

The Webtool is provided for ACT residents only.

Household Information

Household information including estimated cost savings, emissions reductions, and energy recommendations have been primarily sourced from the ACT Government’s Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme. Additional data has been sourced from Sustainable Household Scheme. As at February 2023, this Sustainable Household Scheme has provided over $100m in ACT Government backed loans for the installation of efficient all-electric appliances, electric vehicles and rooftop solar systems.

The cost and emissions savings are based on the energy needed to heat the size of your home and energy efficiency; the number of occupants for hot water; or average use for cooking. The type of appliance used , including its efficiency and fuel type (electricity or gas), is then used to determine the cost and emissions impact.

Data used to inform efficiency, costs and other assumptions have been sourced from Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS), and Sustainable Household Scheme (SHS). This data has been independently assessed by independent data analytics firm, Common Capital, to ensure applied methodologies and assumptions are appropriate. You can read the report here.

Data provided by the webtool is intended as average estimates and does not reflect the specific personal circumstances of the end user.

Product information

Appliance recommendations and indicative pricing are provided by The Australian Consumers Association (CHOICE). CHOICE are a national independent product review and testing publication. CHOICE Magazine is a membership based independent, non-profit organisation. They do not receive payment from appliance manufacturers in return for reviews.

Pricing of the standard appliances used in the Webtool are based on the average costs for similar systems observed by the independent product reviewer. Actual retailer pricing may differ. Installation costs may also apply and will vary based on your household type, structure, age, and additional factors.

Products displayed in this tool are not endorsed by EPSDD or the ACT Government and are intended as a guide only. It is important to do your own research and choose products that suit your specific circumstance. It is also important to check current product availability with local suppliers and installers.


In undertaking any upgrade or replacement of appliances, or alterations of electrical wiring or gas piping, all works, and installations must be undertaken in accordance with all legal requirements, by a licensed tradesperson where required by law, and all products and works must meet applicable Australian standards and regulations.


The estimation provided by the Webtool is for guidance only. The Webtool is not a substitute for professional advice and by using the Webtool you agree that EPSDD and/or the Territory is not providing professional advice on any matter.

In using the Webtool, you indemnify the Territory, its employees and agents against liability in respect of all claims, costs and expenses for all loss, damage or injury to persons or property caused directly or indirectly by yourself in connection with your use of the Webtool.

No Warranty Express or Implied

EPSDD and/or the Territory does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the Webtool and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any reliance on the estimation provided for any purpose whatsoever.

ACT Government Disclaimer Applies

The ACT Government disclaimer applies to the use of this Webtool. The Disclaimer can be accessed at

Privacy notice and collection agreement

What information will we collect?

We may collect personal information only with your express input. Your full name is not required to use the webtool. EPSDD will not ask you for other personally identifiable forms of information such as your date of birth, identification numbers, or postal address. Information about your household is used to create your electrification plan and provide EPSDD with qualitative demographic data. Information will not be connected to your postal address, home address, digital IP address or other forms of geolocation.

You may optionally provide your email address to have a copy of your plan sent to you. The email address provided will not be used for further communications outside the normal operation of the Webtool.

The webtool is provided for ACT residents only. Your postcode is required to confirm you reside within a valid ACT suburb or region.

How we will treat the information we collect

Any information collected is treated in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2014.

The personal information you provide may be disclosed to other ACT Government directorates, and third parties external to the ACT Government, as required by specific legislation administered by EPSDD. The EPSDD Information Privacy Policy can be found on the EPSDD website, under the About Us menu.

The Information Privacy Policy and Annex contains information in regard to what information EPSDD collects and to whom it is disclosed. The policy also contains information about how you may access or seek to correct your personal information held by EPSDD, and how you may complain about an alleged breach of the ACT Privacy Principles. The policy may be accessed at


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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as traditional custodians of the ACT and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.