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About Everyday Climate Choices

Everyday Climate Choices provides Canberrans with practical steps to save money on energy and build resilience to a changing climate.

It is also the hub for what the ACT Government is doing to achieve its zero-emissions future. Everyday Climate Choices provides Canberrans with access to:

  • Zero-interest loans for households
  • Support for renters
  • Community grants and advice
  • Rebates for concession card holders
  • Support for sustainable business upgrades
  • Resources for schools

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CHOICE is Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group. They have been operating for over 60 years. CHOICE is independent and member-funded ensuring their expert reviews are unbiased. They help consumers save money and choose the best products and services for them and their family.

CHOICE provides reviews and advice on a range of consumer products including:

  • Induction cooktops
  • Electric cooktops
  • Electric combination oven/cooktops
  • Heating and cooling systems

The ACT Government and CHOICE have partnered to provide these product recommendations to all ACT residents. This is normally information only available to CHOICE’s paid members.

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Why Make Your Next Choice Electric?

The ACT Government is preparing to electrify our city and transition away from the use of fossil fuel gas by 2045. We’re doing this because an all-electric Canberra will allow us to power our city, homes, businesses, and transport in a cleaner and cheaper way.

We are approaching this transition responsibly and sustainably over the next 20 years. We want to enable ACT homes and businesses to save money by taking small steps and making smart climate choices. This means transitioning appliances to electric at a time that is right for them.

The web experience helps households plan their own all-electric future. It provides tailored results and appliance recommendations. It also connects Canberrans with ACT Government programs and support.

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For advice on making your home more sustainable please reach out to the Sustainable Home Advice Team:
1300 141 777 (weekdays 9 am to 5 pm excluding public holiday)

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Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as traditional custodians of the ACT and recognise any other people or families with connection to the lands of the ACT and region. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.